How to use short videos for marketing
19 March 2015

How to use short videos for marketing

With the rise of video marketing there is an increasing amount of visual content vying for our time and consideration, leading to reduced attention levels. Visible Measures state that with visual content you should “expect to lose 20% of your audience within the first 10 seconds of playback”.  Short videos allow marketers to get their message across whilst they still have viewers’ attention meaning more effective delivery of the message.

As many viewers watch videos via their mobile devices whilst on the go, the shorter the content, the better! You will be surprised how much you can get across in a short video by thinking outside the box and getting creative. Short video are also easier and more likely to be shared than text or photos alone, due to it is highly visual and engaging content, meaning increased reach.

Video marketing is not just for brands with big budgets. Short videos are a great way for businesses to make an impact by showcasing their brand easily and effectively, without a huge budget. Creative marketers can create great short videos by thinking outside the box and utilising simple props. There are a large variety of video editing tools available to you, such as Flipagram, Kinemaster Pro or Videohance, making it easier than ever to create short videos, to add to your marketing mix.

Read on to discover guidelines for creating short marketing videos to engage with your audience:

1)    Introduce your company       

Create a brief introduction to your company as your first short video. You can describe what your company does and how it is of benefit to your potential customers, with appropriate branding of course, to build awareness and recognition of your brand. Make an impact on your audience by describing what your company does and how this will be of benefit to them.

This short 90s second video from ZenCash clearly explains what the company does and how it will benefit you. It is delivered in an interesting and appealing way to sustain the viewer’s interest.

Trimax Solutions - Short Video Marketing - ZenCash


2)    Keep it simple and defined 

Keep your video short. Define the purpose of the video clearly and keep your concept concise, making it easy for your viewers to digest and understand. Don’t try to cram in information or images that would benefit from a longer timeframe. Make sure to communicate content that will be of interest to the viewer. The shorter the video and the simpler it is to follow, the more likely fans will enjoy it, watch it and share it further. If you are posting your video to a place with no time limit, e.g. YouTube, keep it under two minutes for higher engagement.

Trimax Solutions - Short Video Marketing Charity Water

Charitywater manage to effectively communicate the positive activity it achieved in 2013 in this short and emotive

15-second video.

3)    Keep the message general  

Make sure your message is applicable to all audiences. Do not limit your message to specific groups as social media and YouTube is open to everyone. You want your content to appeal to as many people as possible so that it is shared further and further to increase the reach of your video.

Trimax Solutions - Short Video Marketing - TVC 

This video from Thai Life Insurance company TVC is a great example of a powerful video. It appeals to people of all nationalities regardless of where it is set or the language they speak, as it plays on human emotions such as empathy and compassion.

4)    Express your brand personality         

Show your fans what goes on behind closed doors in a fun way to give them a sense of who your company is and what you are about, beyond what you sell. Give insight into your company with a tour of your office or an interview with employees to convey your company culture. Put a human face to your brand by showing your employees in a fun and appealing light. By conveying your brand personality it engages your viewers and differentiates you from the competition. Remember to wear your best smile!

Trimax Solutions - Short Video Marketing - Facebook

A great example of a video expressing the corporate culture of their office is this short video by Facebook. It is concise, to the point and features real people in their working environment giving personal testimonials about the company, increasing its credibility.

5)    Highlight product or service features             

Demonstrate a couple of features of one of your products or services to give a snap shot into what you are offering. This will peak the interest of your potential customers and make them keen to find out more. You can educate your viewers on your products or services with a quick tip to highlight an appealing feature for your potential customers. There is no need to be overly sales orientated when showcasing your products or services; you can appeal to your viewer’s natural curiosity by making your video fun to increase engagement.

Trimax Solutions - Short Video Marketing - Ikea BookBook

Ikea’s BookBook advert is a great example of a fun video which thinks outside the box to create awareness for its catalogue of products. This video was so popular it even went viral, due to its timely realise to coincide with the new apple IPhone launch, of which it is claimed to be a parody of.


6)    Showcase Events      

Creating short videos relevant to a season, popular event or celebration is likely to achieve further sharing, as viewers can identify with it. Give your viewers a sneak peak of an event to create awareness, interest and if done well, excitement! Why not use this as a time to show a preview of a new product or service for instance!

Trimax Solutions - Short Video Marketing - John Lewis

This Christmas video from John Lewis became a household favourite and lead to the featured product selling out within 24 hours of its release, along with increased sales throughout the store.


7)    Make your audience laugh or smile 

Humour and emotive content work well when incorporated to short videos as they encourage the viewer to share your content and therefore spread your message further, for greater reach and brand awareness. Your video does not have to be elaborate to be engaging to your viewers, inject humour to connect with your audience.

Trimax Solutions - Short Video Marketing - Nail Communications

This video from Nail Communications thinks outside the box and uses both humour and compassion to engage their audience with their brand.


Short Videos and Social Media

Social media platforms enable your videos to be easily shared amongst viewers networks, therefore further increasing your reach and brand awareness.  YouTube is not the only social media network you can use to showcase your video. Your short videos can also be uploaded to Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn with backlinks to your website to increase your website ranking and traffic. The length of the videos allowed on social networks varies, so bear this in mind when creating your video. For instance, Vine videos on Twitter have a maximum time limit of 6 seconds, Instagram’s Instavids are a maximum of 15 seconds and Facebook can be up to 3 minutes.

Remember that Facebook and YouTube also allow you to embed videos into a blog post so your viewers can watch your video and directly interact with the post where it has been embedded i.e. your website or blog.

Make sure to include branding and apply the best SEO when creating short videos and upload to social media sites with links back to your website to increase ranking, traffic and brand awareness.

Something to bear in mind is the power of Facebook videos. Videos on Facebook reportedly achieve high levels of engagement and drive traffic to your website. Due to Facebook’s Autoplay feature, videos have become even more attention grabbing and what is ever better is that they get more organic news feed reach in than regular posts. According to , Facebook videos receive higher level of engagement than YouTube videos posted on Facebook.

Your business can benefit from incorporating short videos into your marketing strategy by connecting with your audience and driving traffic to your website. Make your short video today to increase your brand awareness and reach whilst having a little fun along the way!

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