Online Digital Marketing Plan


Why does your business need a marketing plan?


A marketing plan is a strategic document that allocates resources for the optimal sales and growth of your business. A strong marketing plan will help your business gain and retain customers, brand for recognition and plan for future endeavours.

Many business owners find it hard to determine what is needed to attract more customers and increase revenues. This easy to complete marketing plan is designed to help you plan for business activities to grow your business instantly!  

Why Trimax Digital Solutions' 18-Day plan?


Trimax Digital Solutions provides a guided easy 18-day do it yourself marketing plan.  You can populate your Marketing Plan as quickly as you wish if you are in a hurry or simply complete the plan at your own pace!  As long as you DO IT!


Plan Structure 


Day 1: Introduce yourself 

Day 2: What’s happening now 

Day 3: Goal setting

Day 4: Keep an eye on the competition

Day 5: SWOT it

Day 6: Know your customer

Day 7: Creating value for lifelong customers

Day 8: Key differentiators & a little something extra

Day 9: Positioning for your success

Day 10: Pricing practice

Day 11: Marketing specific goals

Day 12: Tell your story and let your personality shine

Day 13: Customer experience

Day 14: Digital Marketing

Day 15: Blogging

Day 16: Budget (running costs)

Day 17: Sales Forecast

Day 18: Conclusion 

Get checklists for the most populate social media sites to make sure you are on the right track.
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linked In
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Google+

Get your money back guarantied if this plan is not right for you or your business.  The Trimax Digital team will of course help guiding you in the right direction for success.