Sell Website Advertismenet

Make money from your website

Selling banner-advertising space is a good way to take advantage of the traffic on your website to generate revenue.

If you want complete control over the banner ads that are displayed on your website, you might want to employ advertisers yourself. Due to the high ratio of sites wishing to sell ad space compared to actual advertisers, it is required that your site has high traffic. Site traffic and specialized content will convert into impressions and click-through.

Advertisers must see the benefits that comes with advertising on your site, hence does traffic numbers, demographics and related content play a big part in attracting “investors”.

Our system you will allow you to:

Put ads on any place of the site, which will be purchased by users

Have a shopping cart module for users, which supports four types of payments: paypal, paypal card, and eway

Manage subscription information. Admin can access payment details of all users, whereas common users may only view their individual payment information