Content Management System (CMS)

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Static HTML websites are a thing of the past! Most websites today should make use of dynamic Content Management Systems (CMS), which allow clients total flexibility with website design and management. 

CMS packages now allow clients to update and maintain their own feature rich, fully automated website, without having to understand complex coding and programming languages!

Our full Content Management System (CMS) functionality is offered with all our websites and ecommerce solutions. Content Management System (CMS) is a tool for managing website content, that separates the design, interactivity, and content from one another to make it easier for content authors to provide content. This software solution offers clients the ability to create, maintain and control their own website.

This not only saves time and money after the website has been developed, but also enables the client to keep customers informed by adding content modules (latest news, announcements, links, galleries, discussions, blogs, shopping carts etc.) and of course text, without having to wait for a web designer. Online training videos are available to instruct clients on how to maintain their website.

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