Trimax Digital Solutions Google Adwords

Google Adwords Start Up Package

Google Adwords can easily be implemented once the keyword strategy has been defined and applied on the appropriate pages of your website, in combination with good content. The defined keywords are then highly likely to be ranked on the first page of Google depending on the current competition. Google Adwords is a very good way to rank higher quickly, which can be controlled by a daily budget making it very flexible to turn the campaigns on and off as required.

Trimax Solutions Google Adwords Start Up Package includes the creation of an Adwords account in the Google Adwords system including the configuration of keywords and activation of your Adwords account, which you will be able to manage in the future. After a keyword and competitor analysis, we investigate the cost and possibility of success of keywords provided to optimise money spent

What Our Google Adwords Configuration Includes

  • Keyword list to be applied on both the website and campaign
  • Daily spend limit set
  • Region for ads to be displayed
  • Time periods for ads to displayed
  • Up to 1 hour phone support
  • Ongoing support is available at an extra cost