Trimax Digital Solutions Social Media Services

Social Media Package to Increase Brand Awareness

Would you like to:

  • Have professional company Pages on the main social media sites? 
  • Benefit from valuable and powerful promotion tools to expand your branding through a wider online presence? 
  • Increase website traffic with the best established Search Engine Optimization with back links to your site? 
  • Have ALL of this and more with Trimax Digital Solutions Social Media Package!

Increase your online traffic and brand awareness with our leading edge Social Media Package, which includes the creation of pages on the major social media sites; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ Pinterest and Instagram.

The Social Media Package offers a professional expansion of your branding and wider Search Engine Optimization. Trimax Digital Solutions Social Media Package will increase your online traffic and brand awareness, as well as your global ranking through powerful social media back links.

Company Pages and Profiles on social media sites have become a MUST HAVE!

Social Media Package

Facebook - The Worlds Biggest Social Network

Increase your brand awareness on the biggest social media network in the world with a customised Facebook business page with the best SEO applied.

The first step to enhance your social media presence is a professional Facebook Page for your business. Trimax Digital Solutions can help you do this in just a few steps. Create an eye catching cover photo, make a professional-looking welcome tab, and interact with customers and the public - You don’t have to learn how to design or figure out the Facebook algorithm!

Trimax Digital Solutions Facebook

LinkedIn - Establish Your Professional Presence

Build your presence & reputation with a Company Page (and/or a Showcase page) 

Build a professional foundation for your marketing efforts with a company page. Engage your employees by connecting them to your company page and feature your products and services, as well as highlighting the expertise you offer within your industry. 

Grow your followers 

Company Page followers advocate your brand, they drive word of mouth, recommendations, and refer your brand to their communities. Increase your professional network and your presence by distributing content, adding a Follow button to your website, and encourage your connections to follow. 

Engage your audience with content 

Better your relationship with your followers and target market through posting frequent content and engage your followers in the dialogue. Create engaging content including pictures and videos. Inspire fans to like, comment, and share reach a broader audience. 

Spread your word with Sponsored Updates and Ads 

Communicate your content to your target market with Sponsored Updates and LinkedIn Ads. Sponsored Updates further the reach of your company updates, increasing your lead generation and brand awareness. LinkedIn Ads let you specifically target your audience across LinkedIn’s popular pages.


Trimax Digital Solutions Linked In Setup

Youtube - Market your business on the world’s largest video site and second largest search engine

Video marketing is deemed the future of digital marketing, a YouTube Channel is a valuable social media tool that companies may use to distribute promotional videos, products and services presentations, as well as training tutorials. Video offers a great opportunity for your brand to showcase its products and connect with current and prospective customers. 

Here is WHY:

  • Creating original video content improves your SEO
  • Video content is a powerful branding tool that have a lasting impression on your audience
  • All demographics are utilising YouTube
  • Videos have great potential to get your message across to a wide audience
  • Video content is relatively easy and reasonable to produce
  • Video is optimised on mobile devices
Trimax Digital Solutions Youtube Setup

Google+ - Get noticed across Google

Google + has more than 150 million active users and 50% of all users log in on a daily basis, Google Plus is a social network that may provide great opportunities for your business. 

Google’s own social media network Google+, has since established itself as Facebook’s closet competitor. Unsurprisingly, Google+ ranks very well with search engines, particularly Google itself, which is why we recommend that company’s take advantage of the powerful rankings that a Google+ company Page could offer your business. 

Leverage Google Plus to build relationships with your community, drive traffic to your business and let your customers easily find you on all Google platforms.

Trimax Digital Solutions Google+ Setup

Instagram - The future of marketing is visual.

Marketers are increasingly turning to visual platforms and content. Marketers today are looking to produce innovative visuals and videos to engage audiences. Instagram is a fun, visual based social network that can help your business showcase your products, services and the experience your customers may expect. 

 Build you Instagram community, run Instagram contests, promote your events, encourage call to action in your posts and promote your brand through unique and industry specific hashtags. Increase your brand awareness, expand reach and facilitate engagement with your brand.

Trimax Digital Solutions Instagram Setup

Pinterest - Inspire and drive traffic to your site

Pinterest is a ‘social bulletin board’, which focuses on the sharing of visual content such as videos and images, to appeal to like-minded people. Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool with a great conversion rate driving sales directly to your website. Pinterest provides a direct call-to-action leading to conversions as it targets users ready to buy. 

Once your Pinterest profile is set up, you will be able to share images and videos of your products and services to build your brand awareness and increase traffic to your website.

Trimax Digital Solutions Pinterest Setup

Twitter - Give your business the extra edge

A complete Twitter company profile will be created for your business in accordance with your branding using personalised themes and background designs. The best SEO strategies will be implemented on your Twitter Page, which we will also link to your Facebook Page, your company blog and your website. 

The linking of your twitter account to your Facebook page means you only need to post content once on Facebook to send a tweet automatically on your Twitter profile. When integrated with Facebook, Twitter doesn't need to be used just for tweeting but can be used mainly for back links to your website.

Trimax Digital Solutions Twitter Setup