Trimax Digital Solutions - Business Process Integration

Increase efficiency and reduce costs with Business Process Integration in the Cloud

There are so many common business processes which are performed by small to medium companies each day.  However, many of these processes are still manual when they could easily be automated to allow staff to be more productive and saving many $$$’s!

Business Process Integration (BPI) is essential for companies looking to connect systems and information efficiently. BPI allows for automation of these processes, integration of systems and services, and the secure sharing of data across numerous applications.

In the past, only large corporations could afford to implement automation and integration due to the complexity of it and the costs.  These days, running integrated systems in the cloud is very affordable allowing small and medium companies to easily implement and run more efficiently.

WHY Business Process Integration (BPI)?

The simple answer is to SAVE TIME AND MONEY while providing flexibility of data access.

By replacing manually initiated processes with software, companies can realise a reduction in errors, an enhanced work and process flow, lower expenses and improved efficiency.  Companies can simply do more with less, which directly affects the bottom line.  

Having all the data centralised in ONE CENTRAL location and accessible by anyone with security privileges on any device, including mobile phones, is extremely convenient for employees on the road or working from different locations, as many do now.


What processes can be automated?

The automation and integration can start with the basic most used systems to then follow through to the more complex systems.  In theory for most businesses, the WHOLE Business Cycle from BEGINNING (lead) to the END (sales and delivery) can be automated which typically includes:

  1. CRM – Customer Relationship Management system which includes Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Campaigns, Emails and more to keep track of all business activities with all in one location and easily accessible by all staff with security and on most devices.
  2. CRM – Leads + Deals + Forecasting to forecast sales and track new leads and deals for each of the leads all integrated and automated.
  3. Projects – Tasks – Timesheets easily allow businesses to keep track of all running projects and their associated tasks at any point in time as well as all expenses against those tasks/projects, including employees and contractor’s timesheets.  NO MORE spreadsheets!
  4. Quotes and Invoices can easily be generated by sales and admin staff without having to have knowledge and access to the actual accounting system.  All products, services and resource costs should be available to staff to allow generating estimates and invoices for clients to then be passed on to the accounting system afterwards.  Often the admin and sales teams don’t have enough access, information or knowledge and must depend too much on the accounting team which slows down the sales process.  Sales and Accounting should be separated processes BUT well automated and integrated.
  5. Campaign Management is a very powerful marketing tool allowing you to send emails to lists of leads or customers, to then track statistics and results available in reports as to which emails were opened or not, which links where clicked, who has unsubscribed and more.  Also, auto-responders are very powerful as actions or follow ups to automatically be triggered when certain actions or results happen.
  6. Forms and Data Capture should be easily created by the marketing staff and not by the I.T. department anymore and flow directly into the CRM system for further processing by the appropriate staff.  Providing the right tools to the right users increases the productivity and reduces time wasted, confusion and communication breakdowns.
  7. Opt-IN should directly be integrated with the CRM system or the Campaign Management system to allow using the users lists for further actions to be tracked such as a phone call, an email back to the lead, a meeting and more.

Further integration to complete the end to end business process integration are:

  • Sales and Marketing – Surveys, Social and more
  • Finance – Subscriptions, Books, Inventory, Checkout
  • Email and Collaboration – Mail, Docs, Sheets, Projects, Meetings, 
  • Human Resources – Recruitment, People
  • IT and Help Desk – Bug Tracker, Help Desk, Assist